Integration Checklist

The following checklist may help you plan your development and testing.

Once you have completed testing, Zapper needs to validate that the integration is working correctly with the Zapper system. Zapper uses a standard set of test scripts which cover as many real-world scenarios as possible – these can be shared with partners if required.

Core Functions


Key Characteristics

Per-venue configuration

Unique Zapper MerchantId and SiteId per venue

Multiple areas per venue

If multiple "sales areas" supported by the POS, associate unique Zapper SiteId with each sales area (MerchantId shared across whole venue)

New Payment Type

Payment Type "Zapper"

Zapper QR code printed on bill/check

Includes key data and settings Shows correct data values in the app Function settings enabled correctly in app

Marketing graphic printed on bill/check

At least one position Ideally additional positions

Scan-able QR code displayed on customer-facing display where present

QR Code is displayed for every total presented Includes invoice total, reference data and settings Shows correct data values in the app including table number / terminal number and waiter name / ID as appropriate Function settings enabled correctly in app

Marketing graphic displayed on customer-facing display where present

As provided by Zapper

Zapper function installed and enabled by default in new installations

Configured during install of new installations using merchant identifiers provided by Zapper

Bill line items uploaded to Zapper API

Collection of {item name, item value, quantity and total value}

Raw bill uploaded to Zapper API

Full Contents

Payment notifications received and handled

Outstanding balance reduced Full payment closes the table Partial payment does not close the table Tip correctly handled

Confirmation receipt printed

Shows Zapper payment type and amount Auto-printed Zapper payment receipt Auto-printed POS built-in receipt

Control over where the confirmation receipt prints

Per-siteId (sales area) configuration option, i.e. all confirmation receipts for SiteId X print on terminal / printer M (in site X); all confirmation receipts for SiteId Y print on terminal / printer N (in site Y)

Mechanism / UI for configuration of Zapper solution

Split-bill / tip functions Marketing graphic(s) Merchant Id, Site Id etc POS integration points

Remote configuration of marketing graphic

As text-in-image, or image

Zapper CRM button in POS back office

Links to Zapper "Merchant Portal" web app

Non Functional


Key Characteristics

Approved solution

Solution design accepted by Zapper


Satisfactory print speed and payment notification lag


To network failure To delayed payment notification


All POS functions maintained, including X, Z reports

Stretch/Optional functions


Key Characteristics

Advanced data in the confirmation receipt

Itemised list All payment types + amounts Payee name Waiter name / ID Table number

Refund details sent to Zapper API

As per POS refund workflows