Integrating with Zapper for Retail

Not Just A Better Way To Pay

Zapper makes it quicker and easier for customers to pay for their shopping. Besides a great customer experience, Zapper also helps increase revenues at stores through targeted, fully-digital promotions and loyalty mechanisms.

Zapper allows customers to pay using their smartphone to redeem digital vouchers or collect loyalty points automatically as they pay, without fumbling to find a separate card or paper coupon.

Customers scan a Zapper QR code displayed on a customer facing display, to pay instantly with the Zapper mobile app. They get an instant notification of successful payment, and so does the merchant.

Discounts are calculated automatically as the customer scans, based on relevant voucher rules, and loyalty points are accrued automatically on valid transactions.

How does it work?

Zapper is designed for light-touch integration with your POS system. A QR code is generated for each transaction, and displayed on a customer facing screen. The customer then uses the Zapper mobile app to Scan, Pay and Go!

Both the merchant and the customer get notified instantly of payment success and the customer is free to leave.

The benefits of Zapper do not end when the customer leaves. Zapper's Merchant Portal and CRM options provide useful data/insight and can be used to drive further customers to the merchant.